RIW Welcomes Dr. Ryan Otten, Board Certified in Occupational Medicine

Posted on March 9th, 2023

Dr. Ryan Otten, who joined RIW in January 2023, is board certified in occupational medicine and has been treating injured workers for over 15 years. We are excited to announce that he is expanding our services to include evaluation and ongoing management of workers compensation claims, from the common sprains and strains to the complex, multiple body part industrial injuries. He is also happy to take on brain injury/concussion cases that, due to their complexity, can be difficult to thoroughly manage in primary care clinics and elsewhere. Because RIW has fully staffed PT, OT, and speech therapy teams onsite, we are well-suited to serve as a “one stop shop” for those of Dr. Otten’s patients who need therapy. Furthermore, we have joined the COHE Alliance of Western Washington and have ready access to their excellent case management resources. In addition to all of that, Dr. Otten is approved by Washington L&I to perform impairment ratings for injured workers and enjoys providing such evaluations. He is also available to offer occupational medicine consultations, including causality determinations, when requested. Please call today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Otten!

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