On the road again!

Posted on April 27th, 2021

Driving a car provides many patients with their independence
and freedom. Following a traumatic brain injury,
many patients report cognitive, visual, and sensory-motor
symptoms that may impact their ability to drive. RIW’s Barb
Mierzwa, OTR/L, who works in the brain injury program,
is putting together the final touches on a pre-driving
screen that can be used in the clinic. The screen allows
the Occupational Therapist to assess a patient’s visual and
cognitive skills which are necessary for driving. If a patient
at RIW needs a more in-depth evaluation, then the
patient is referred to Mark Russel, who is a Certified
Driving Rehabilitation Specialist and owner of Northwest
Driver Rehab. He completes an on the road evaluation at
RIW which is the gold standard for anyone who wants to
resume driving after an injury. The brain injury team at
RIW and Mark Russel work together to make sure the patient’s
driving skills are fully assessed before they can return
to driving.

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