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The staff was wonderful and extremely helpful throughout my program.

For Patients

At the Rehabilitation Institute of Washington, we believe that every patient plays an important role in the success of their program.  Our providers will work with you to develop a unique program suited to your specific needs.  Our goal is to help you achieve a high quality of life, improved function and return to work and leisure activities.

What kinds of services does RIW provide? Have you been referred for our Pain Management Program?  Work Conditioning?  Our Programs and Services page provides detailed information about the different types of programs we offer, and what you can expect during the evaluation and treatment.

Interested in an evaluation at RIW? Many of our programs require referral from your physician and prior authorization.  We request that all referrals be faxed to our office for review prior to scheduling an evaluation.  Please call us at (206) 859-5030 if you have questions about your plan of care.

Understanding Chronic Pain »

We recognize that pain is very hard to understand. We do not believe that pain is “all in your head.” Pain starts as a response to injured tissue. It can continue for many reasons, including the possibility that a permanent injury may continue to cause pain. Read More »

Patient Forms »

These forms are provided in PDF format. To view these files, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Read More »

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