Patient Testimonials

Bruce H.

“This program did much more than reduce my pain.  It gave me my life back.  I can now walk and do most of the things I used to be able to do.  It’s hard work but worth so much more than you put in.”

Mark N.

“I was able to regain my full range of motion and quite honestly get my life back.  Thanks to the full staff for your support.”

Kathy T.

“While I attended RIW, I learned so much about body mechanics.  The daily classes I found to be so informative.  The staff was so very helpful and understood my pain.  The doctors made themsel[ves] available to me at any time I needed to see them.  I would recommend this program to anyone in pain.”

Gordon N.

“I would tell everyone I know about how great this place is, so great for someone who is hurt and wants help.”

Andrea P.

“Anybody experiencing chronic pain should be lucky enough to have the opportunity to participate in the program.  It would be impossible not to take something positive away from the experience, whether it be increased strength or flexibility, increased positive outlook on your future, or decreased fear of activities, stress and anxiety.  I was lucky enough to enjoy all of these benefits!”

Mario G.

“My life changed with this program, the exercises and therapies were so helpful to me.  This is a great program with a very caring and excellent staff.  I absolutely recommend this program because it changed my life completely.”

Norleen O.

“After my initial 20 day program at RIW, I feel hopeful and confident in myself and my future.  My pain is drastically reduced, I am almost off my pain meds, my body is strong and my mind is engaged.  I have learned much and I am grateful.  The staff was wonderful and extremely helpful throughout my program.”

Roy M.

“The positive motivaton from the therapist allowed me to ask myelf ‘What am I capable of?’ and push my program a step further.  I thank you for your support.”

Tony G.

“With all the tools the Rehabilitation Institute of Washington has given me, I feel I can live my life keeping the chronic pain under control.  Thank you to all of the staff at RIW for continuous support.”

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