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Anybody experiencing chronic pain should be lucky enough to have the opportunity to participate in the program.

Programs & Services

The Rehabilitation Institute of Washington, PLLC is a multidisciplinary rehabilitation center for individuals with musculoskeletal injuries, acute or chronic pain, and functional limitations or disability.

Our experienced team of physicians, psychologists, physical and occupational therapists, and vocational rehabilitation counselors works with patients to help them return to healthy and functional lifestyles by addressing physical limitations, pain, emotional distress and vocational problems.

Currently, we primarily serve patients in Washington state, although we have treated patients from Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and California. If you are wondering whether our services are right for you, please give us a call at 206-859-5030.

Structured Intensive Multidisciplinary Program »

The Structured Intensive Multidisciplinary Program is an interdisciplinary rehabilitation program for injured workers and others with disabling low back, neck, shoulder, or other musculoskeletal or neuropathic chronic pain including chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS). The functional restoration program includes medical management, reduction of excessive or harmful medications, comprehensive physical conditioning, psychological and cognitive behavioral therapy for depression or other emotional distress, and vocational counseling. Read More »

Occupational Medicine Program »

Occupational medicine is the medical specialty that focuses on worker health, workplace injury and illness prevention, and how best to return injured and ill workers to full activity and function. Specialists in this field have a good understanding of the needs of the various stakeholders involved in a workers compensation claim and can help everyone, and especially the injured worker, navigate this sometimes complicated process. Read More »

Work Hardening »

The Work Hardening Program is an intensive, individualized, job specific program of activity for work injuries with the goal of safe return to work. The functional restoration program uses real or simulated work tasks and graded conditioning exercises to improve fitness and tolerance for work. Read More »

Work Conditioning »

The Work Conditioning Program treats disability related to chronic pain. Treatment improves strength, endurance and flexibility and safe body mechanics to safely return to work. Read More »

Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program »

The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program is a comprehensive interdisciplinary program for those with post-acute traumatic brain injury or other acquired neurocognitive impairments. The goals of treatment are to improve physical health and fitness, psychological well-being, coping and compensatory strategies, social and leisure activities and capacity for returning to work and/or to other functional activities. Read More »

Pain Psychology »

Pain psychologists at RIW provide evaluations and/or treatment for persons with chronic pain who may also experience depression, anxiety, pain-related fear, avoidance of activity, family or marital discord, anger, or other emotional distress, who are overusing alcohol or medications or other substances, who have limited incentives or motivation for recovery, or who are not coping optimally with chronic pain. Read More »

Rehabilitation Medicine Consultations »

The physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians at RIW offer consultations to identify barriers to recovery, such as opioid or other medication overuse, psychological distress or need for more active rehabilitation, and to recommend appropriate treatment directions for persons with chronic pain and disability when recovery is stalled. Read More »

Physical & Occupational Therapy »

Therapists provide outpatient therapies including gait training, work injury rehabilitation, work conditioning, work hardening, and pain management. Therapies at RIW involve active treatment to improve flexibility, strength, cardiovascular fitness, general health, posture, body mechanics and the ability to safely engage in an active and healthy lifestyle. Read More »

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome »

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is treated by a team including rehabilitation physician, pain psychologist, physical and occupational therapists, and vocational rehabilitation counselor. Treatment may include graded motor imagery, mirror box therapy, desensitization, active rehabilitation, medication management, regional anesthesia (blocks or epidural catheter), psychological coping skill, education and vocational counseling. Read More »

Low Back Pain »

Low back pain (LBP) is the most common cause of disability in working age adults. Spinal surgery, injections, medications and other pain treatments are not always successful and may produce negative side effects. At RIW, we use an active rehabilitation approach to restore health, fitness and function. We also teach cognitive behavioral coping skills for pain, sleep and emotional distress and provide education about pain management and appropriate medication use. Read More »

Lodging »

For those unable to commute to treatment due to distance or health reasons, apartments are available at the clinic (usually at no cost to the patient with a work injury). Read More »

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