Physical Capacity Evaluations

A Physical Capacity Evaluation (PCE) is an assessment of a person’s ability to perform work activities in a clinical setting. The PCE can be used to determine a patient’s physical capacity level, evaluate individual job analyses, determine the need for specific work restrictions and/or guide treatment recommendations.

A PCE consists of a series of evaluations and formal assessments measuring:

  • Basic strength
  • Range of Motion
  • Endurance
  • Work Postures
  • Work Activities
  • Task Lifting
  • Job Simulation activities

During a PCE the evaluator will explain each activity to perform and the patient will have the opportunity to ask questions. Patients are expected to make a full effort during the PCE but they may stop or decline any activity with which they are not comfortable.

At RIW, the PCE will be performed by an Occupational Therapist and a Physical Therapist.  The evaluation generally lasts about 3 hours.

To make a referral, please contact David Kidder, our Work Injury Programs Coordinator, at (206) 859-5036, or visit our referrals page.

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